Your wallet, our security

Anchorage Digital security, now in an institutional self-custody wallet.
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Introducing Porto

Porto by Anchorage Digital is a self-custody wallet for institutions that enables protocols, VC firms, asset managers, and other businesses to participate in protocol-level interactions such as staking, voting, and trading, while safeguarding assets within a proven security architecture.

Self-custody the way it’s meant to be

Powered by Anchorage Digital technology

Security, the Anchorage Digital way

Leverage world-class security with end-to-end cryptographic integrity, FIPS-140 policy and private key security, and offline hardware security modules (HSMs).
Institutional-grade tailored policies

Custom policies for quorum approvals

Configure institutional-grade policies and permissions to your organization’s unique specifications, including for transaction initiations and quorum approvals.
Seamless smart contract interactions

Easy and intuitive for institutions

Follow efficient workflows including allow listing frequently-used wallet addresses and smart contracts, signing transactions, and managing smart contract interactions - all accessible from desktop or mobile phone.
Broad Ethereum network support

Full access to web3

Buy, sell, trade, vote, and collect rewards for supported networks and tokens. Support for 200+ tokens including APT, BTC, and SUI— with more Layer 1s coming soon.
Easy, secure access accross devices

Streamlined asset recovery

Self-custody digital assets while removing single points of failure for scenarios including lost devices or loss of access.

Full integration with Anchorage Digital products

Use Porto for web3, and move assets easily to and from Anchorage Digital custody.
Integrated with
Integrated with Wallet Connect

A proven security model, now available for self-custody

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Safeguard your assets

Authenticated access
Authenticated access
Only user-activated devices can access a Porto account. Sensitive operations require authentication, and are tied to unique user keys.
Hardware-enforced logic
Hardware-enforced logic
Users’ keys are decrypted and processed on hardware security modules (HSMs) strengthened with custom logic.
Configurable allowlisting
Configurable allowlisting
Users can designate allowlisted destinations for asset transfers upon quorum approval.
No passwords
No passwords
Devices are onboarded at account creation, and sensitive operations require cryptographic authentication.
Quorum-based approvals
Quorum-based approvals
All sensitive operations, such as withdrawing assets, require authenticated endorsements from multiple users within an organization.
Tamper-proof hardware
Tamper-proof hardware
HSMs are tamper-resistant and tamper evident, with FIPS PUB 140-2 policy and private key security.
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The technology of choice

Other wallets
ERC-20 support
Passwordless authentication
Mitigates the risk of human error
Seamless smart contract interactions
Policy engine powered by FIPS 140-2
HSM infrastructure
Exclusively for institutions

Porto for startups

Protocols and crypto startups may be eligible for early access to our stablecoin rewards program.* Simply hold select stablecoins in Porto and earn rewards. Or, hold a minimum balance of your treasury assets for complimentary access to Porto.

Porto for VCs and asset managers

Get first access to new assets as well as a wide array of L1s and L2s including BTC, ETH, ERC-20s, EVMs, and tendermints. Execute unlimited transactions with no cap on holdings.